Wednesday, 30 July 2014

HELP ME...I've got a matted coat!

A lot of cute and fluffy breeds that are so popular at the moment need regular grooming sessions to prevent their coat from becoming matted.  Knots and tangles can form quite easily (just like our own human hair) and since most dogs are not brushed every day (like your human hair would get brushed), these knots can be left for days, weeks, even months!

Matting can be made worse by becoming wet and tightening, and by dirt accumulating in the coat. Small knots are easily brushed out and cause none or minor discomfort to the dog.  Extreme matting can hide serious skin conditions, wounds, and can pull at the dogs skin which makes it painful to walk and run around the place.

Dog's can have roughly the same pain tolerance as a 2 year old child...good luck trying to brush one out from head to toe!  This is why most groomers decide that the most humane option is to clip the matted coat short and 'start again' so to speak. Once the coat is cut short then the whole process of proper brushing and coat maintenance can begin again.  Regular grooming sessions (every 4-6 weeks) are ESSENTIAL in keeping dogs long and fluffy.  Please don't ask your groomer to put your dogs through the pain and stress of de-matting their coat (a lot will refuse to do it anyway if they feel it goes against the welfare of the dog).

Your dog will not only be put through unnecessary discomfort, but they will begin to associate the grooming salon with feeling stressed.  Over time your dog will become less and less manageable to handle...and then what do you do?? No groomer will go near your dog because of the bad experiences he/she has had and the only option may be to have your dog groomed under sedation in a veterinary practice, and who wants that?

Please be kind to your groomer.  They are professionally trained to assess your dogs coat condition and will always give you the best option with your dogs welfare in mind.  Clipping a dog short isn't us being lazy, we only want the best for your dog.  Follow the advice from your groomer, brush your dog regularly at home, and don't put off your grooming appointments.  By working together we will have lots more clean and fluffy dogs!

Carolyn Zenker
Muttz For Cutz

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