Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Ears and Anal Glands

As Professional dog groomers we are trained with the skills to look after dogs coats and styling them to their breed standard (or to make the dog most comfortable).

Most groomers will include nail clipping, ear cleaning, ear plucking and expressing the anal glands to this service.  However, are dog groomers really qualified to perform all of these tasks?

It has been said again and again in the last few months and years that plucking ears may in fact cause a lot of irritation and introduce infections into the dogs ears, instead of preventing them and helping the ear to stay clean.  As well as this, expressing anal glands can in fact cause them to rupture if done incorrectly.

Are these jobs best left for a vet?  Do vets like passing these jobs onto groomers?  What if no one wants to look after these sensitive areas any more because they are afraid to interfere?

As a dog grooming business we will continue to look after dogs ears and bums, but only if these procedures do NOT cause any unnecessary discomfort to the dog.  Hair that plucks out of the ear easily will be removed, ears that are not infected and/or inflamed will be cleaned, and if an owner requests their dogs anal glands to be expressed...well then we will long as the dog does not show any signs of pain or discomfort.  We are here to primarily look after your dogs coat and that we will continue to do to the best of our ability.  Should any health concerns arise during your pooches grooming session, we will advise you to seek veterinary help as soon as possible!

I'm sure this is an issue that will be vigorously discussed in times to come, but for now, this is where we stand on it

Carolyn Zenker
Muttz For Cutz

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