Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Why should I groom my short haired dog?

Dog Grooming is often associated with long haired dogs that require regular trimming.  But did you know that your short haired dog will also benefit from regular grooming?  Dogs such as Labradors, Boxers, Jack Russell Terriers, and any other breed with a short coat.

Once again we kept a picture diary of a Beagle that was groomed with us and you will be able to see exactly the work that goes into grooming a short haired dog.

Before the groom: The coat looks dull and is shedding

We start by using specially designed brushes to remove excess hair

You can see how much dead hair is removed.  This will keep your house cleaner and the dog will feel a lot better as well.  

The nails are trimmed

The ears are cleaned

A warm shampoo and condition in our hydro-therapy bath
...What's a Hydro-Therapy bath you ask:
With this bathing system we are able to add the shampoo and conditioner straight into the water that flows through the shower.  This gives an extra deep clean to the dogs coat rather than working in the shampoo and conditioner manually.  

This is another specially designed brush that can be used to remove excess dead hair.  We like to use it during the bathing process as it works the shampoo and conditioner deep into the coat.
The dogs coat is dried by hand using a high velocity dryer (no cage drying).  This is another step in removing dead hair.  The shedding hairs simply lift out of the coat and blow away.

You can see how glossy and and clean the coat is after the groom

A clean and shiny dog is what you're left with.

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