Friday, 24 January 2014

So what does your groomer do?

Have you ever wondered what exactly is involved in a 'Full Groom' (the Muttz For Cutz Treatment!).  Well wonder no more.  We kept a little picture diary of one of our customers grooms.  This is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that the owner requested to have clipped short all over.  This will take anything from 1-2.5 hours and it all depends on the dogs behaviour and what kind of haircut you want your dog to receive.

And this is how your groomer looks after your pooch...

Here we have the dog before the groom.

The coat is given a 'rough clip'.  This is to remove all excess hair before the bath.  This cuts down on drying time and also removes any knots and tangles

The remaining coat is given a thorough brushing

We clip the dogs nails

The hair around the pads of the feet is trimmed.  Sometimes little knots can form between the pads of the feet which can gather dirt and make walking uncomfortable

We clean the ears with our special ear solution

The dog is given a bath in our Hydro-Therapy bath
...What's a Hydro-Therapy bath you ask:
With this bathing system we are able to add the shampoo and conditioner straight into the water that flows through the shower.  This gives an extra deep clean to the dogs coat rather than working in the shampoo and conditioner manually.  

The dog is dried by hand on the grooming table.  No cage drying is used by us!

The dog's coat is clipped again.  This will pick up all the stray hairs that were not clipped during the 'rough clip'.  It gives a lovely and smooth finish to the coat.

Last but not least the finishing touches are applied.  The feet, legs, tail, belly, ears, and face are trimmed according to our clients wishes.  This can take quite a lot of time and skill as you want your dog to look tidy but very natural.


And there you have it, a lovely clean  and tidy doggie ready to go back home!

Obviously every groom is an individual experience.  This is just an example of one of our lovely clients.

I hope you enjoyed getting an insight into what a 'Full Groom' is all about!

Carolyn Zenker
Muttz For Cutz

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